Toxic Thrills Festival  Package

Toxic Thrills Festival Package

    • Attendants: 6 Attendants Required (Not Included)

    • $3,213.00
      Holiday Price or Big Event Price may Vary
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Welcome to the ultimate corporate event experience – the Toxic Thrills Festival Package! Immerse your colleagues and clients in a world of exhilarating inflatables and carnival rides with a toxic twist. Our festival package is designed to inject an electrifying atmosphere into your corporate gatherings, ensuring unforgettable moments and team-building like never before.

Toxic Thrills Highlights:

🎡Toxic Meltdown: Toxic Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing?

🏰 Inflatable Extravaganza: This package includes the amazing 22' Toxic slide and 54' Obstacle course.

🎉 Interactive Games: Foster team spirit with our array of interactive games, each infused with the Toxic Thrills theme. Challenge your colleagues in toxic-themed Cannon ball blaster and Wrecking ball to foster competitions and strengthen bonds in a playful yet competitive environment.


Package includes 4 generators to power all the games. Thispackage does not include attendants, if attendants are needed just let us know and we can add them for an additional charge.

Price of the package is for 3 hours, additional hours can be added for an additional charge.